Rajasthan in 22 days
... but we're not traveling like the Maharajas...


Rajasthan is a large Indian state, to the west of Delhi, home to the Thar Desert and former path of the Silk Road. It has some of the most amazing forts, palaces, and cities in India, and is a favorite for tourists willing to get a bit off the beaten track.

We started our tour in late winter, when the nights were still very chilly (40s), though the days were sunny and pleasant (70s). By the end of the trip (late February), Spring had sprung, with the days becoming uncomfortably hot and the nights pleasantly warm. (You can imagine what summer weather is like - it's not unusual to have weather from 40-50 degrees C, which is somewhere up near 120 F).

Until independence, Rajasthan was a collection of small kingdoms, each run by a Raj - although they formed alliances with the British rulers, they were nominally independent. They gave up their official roles and much of their treasuries after independence, but there are still Raj's in all the major cities, and they still play an important role in their former kingdoms.

The trip unfolds through the menus above -- or you can click on portions of the map route (there are more items in the menu, tho'). Have a nice trip.

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